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Here is what your are going to get in this Complete

12 Week Hiring and Training Master Course

Module 1:

Hiring your World-Class Team: In this training Module you will learn how to ensure your new potential team member has the commitment, mental capacity and instinctual brain function to fit in well with your team and perform their duties like an All-Star. This training alone is worth the investment. If you do not recruit good players, it does not matter how good of a coach you are.

So, let's make sure you are hiring the very best.

Module 2:

Starting the Training Process: Where should I start training my new team members? Greeting and scheduling are the 2 most crucial lessons a new team member must master. People don't want to wait like they did in the 80's, and how your team greets patients can either build or destroy loyalty. Let's ensure your new team members have the right training to dominate these duties.

Module 3:

Answering Phones: If the phones are not handled properly, you could be losing anywhere from 5-10 new patients a month!!!! Changing that alone would pay for this program 10 times over. Your CA following our street tested method for answering the phones and scheduling new patients will have your office growing right away. Let's do it now!

Module 4:

Insurance, Care Plans & Verifying Insurance: Teaching these simple, but crucial, components will make sure every member of your team can think on their feet and never again will you be stuck handling these questions. Delegate it!!!! This is how we are going to start creating more freedom for you, allowing you to focus on your passion and letting your team handle these questions. No more wasted time on stuff that NON-chiropractors can handle.

Module 5:

Training on FAQ: The training & delegating continues. After Modules 5 & 6 your team will be able to handle all basic questions about chiropractic, healing and natural health. After these two Modules you are going to have more time to adjust and less time explaining the same old questions that everyone asks (and now) anyone can explain.

Module 6:

Handling Upsets: Internet and social media has made people skills & Mother Theresa type service more important than ever. This program will make sure your team does not allow any reasonable person to leave angry. Best of all you, do not have to get involve or micro-manage!

Module 7:

Consultation: This is the key to really creating freedom and maximizing your productivity. Your team will now be doing the consultation while you are adjusting, saving you hours every week. The consultation is the most important visit in your office so making sure your team is properly trained is a must before you delegate it.

Module 8:

Finances: Delegating the finances is tough as it is the scariest parts of practice. If you want to say good bye to the late night ROF's, teaching your team is necessary. Teaching them the psychology behind our Financial Report and enabling them to do it is the biggest step in freeing up your time to focus on your talents and passions. It's important to have your staff trained, so when the time is right to hire an associate they can focus on adjusting & educating and your team will be confident with insurance or financial plans.

Module 9:

4 Drivers, Team Meetings & Firing: Team Meetings are a crucial part or an productive, efficient and self-propelled office. There are key fundamentals you want cover at these meetings to get the most done in the least amount of time. One major component of a quality team meeting is measuring your 4 Drivers these are the key gauges that will guarantee good collections. In this module Dr. FJ teaches you all of this and provides the forms necessary to make implementation easy. Lastly he covers the most difficult part of running a business, letting people go. There are certain keys that should be done when you need to fire someone. Enjoy this power packed module and use these valuable fundamentals to have fun, create freedom and make a difference.

Module 10:

Bonusing Your Team & Idea Appraisal: As John Wooden Said "The Carrot is Mightier than the Stick." Rewarding your team will ensure they are engaged and doing quality work. I've tried a lot of different styles of doing this, all with pros and cons of each. The system I finally created combines the best of all these different styles. A quality bonus system will allow you to take time off while also ensuring that your team is doing a great job.

I have found that most chiropractors operate one of 2 ways: they are like me, very quick to change things, or, they take way a long time to implement new & effective ideas. The Idea Appraisal has been an easy and effective way to help me to decide when & what needs to be changed, updated or improved. This form takes out the emotion and gets very tactical in your decision making. As great coaches and leaders know, emotion is many times your greatest enemy when making decisions about your business and life. This tool will ensure you make quality decisions based on strategy, not the emotion of the moment, helping you move towards your dreams as quickly and easily as possible.

Module 11:

Tactical Action Plan & Performance Evaluation: To create constant growth you have to have constant improvement. One tool to help you do this is sitting down one on one, with every team member, (you can also have your office manager do this) and asking what they'd like to happen throughout the next year to be happy. You will never have to micro-manage again if you do your best to give them the duties they enjoy most, your meeting will give you clarity on this.

By utilizing my Tactical Action Plan you'll create a plan to implement new ideas and goals for your office, helping you overcome potential challenges before they happen. Through this strategy you also can get support from your team to make your shared goals a reality.

Module 12:

BONUS! This bonus module reviews the key areas you want to consistently train on and what yearly tactical decision making tools you can use to ensure you and your team are having fun and continuing to grow. Dr FJ also includes an evaluation tool called Hand-Off Power to help clarify where each team member is at in their ability to get what you have delegated done.

Module 1 Associate Training:

Hiring your Associate:

The final step to creating total freedom and stop trading time for dollars is to hire someone that can do the duties that only a chiropractor can do. To get a quality chiropractor on your team, you need a simple and specific process for hiring and testing key skills. The main skills I recommend looking for are: people skills and work ethic.

In this module I will teach you how to use my 3 step hiring process to test for those particular skills and when to do the Kolbe A index. The Kolbe ensures that your candidate has the instinctive problem solving abilities that are a good fit for your specific team.

Module 2 Associate Training:

Implementing an Associate:

It's important to be clear about what you want from an associate doctor, and how you are going to implement them into your practice for maximum ease and return on your investment.

In this module I'll also answer the most common questions:

"When should I take a day to work on my business?"

"How do I handle patients only wanting to be adjusted by me?"

"When do I give them administrative time?"

"What duties do I delegate and how do I start having them adjust patients?"

Module 3 Associate Training:

Dx Notes, Re-Exam, First Visit:

The vast majority of docs we have worked with want to delegate notes and paperwork ASAP!!! These duties are also the easiest and quickest way to get your associate taking duties off your plate and allowing you more time and freedom. Patients often care about who adjusts them, but notes can be written by any of the team doctors.

My system for diagnosis (DX) is easy, effective and efficient. Even if you enjoy the paperwork, it will help with higher quality work in less time. The first adjustment call and re-exam are low pressure but important aspects of quality care plans, they are also the most neglected part when a 1 doctor team gets busy. Giving both of these responsibilites to your associate will help them get comfortable with patient interactions while also creating value for you. The checklist's provided in this module will make training quick and effective with clear guidelines for your associate to follow, putting them in a position to succeed. 

Module 4 Associate Training:

Consultation, Exam, X-Ray:

This module is designed to hand off the First Visit to your new Associate Doctor. Having multiple doctors trained to perform the first visit greatly increases productivity and allows you to serve a new patient every 30 minutes or more.

Learning First Visit communication techniques sets the ground work for quality patient communication at ROF, Daily Visit and all other patient encounters, even as a CA.

It's important that your associate is trained in Consultation, Exam and to take XRays because this alone helps create freedom in your office so it run effectively without you, or while other team members are using their PTO.

Module 5 Associate Training:

ROF & Progress ROF:

For most of the Chiropractors we train, delegating the ROF is scarier than delegating the adjusting. Unfortunately there are also some huge ROF mistakes that are taught in our profession. In this module I cover the keys for delegating the ROF and Progress Report to prepare your associate for long term success! I also include an outline for teaching them how to create a care plan. You may need to alter this outline based on your technique, but having a care plan guide will make this process turn key while creating more and more freedom.

Module 6 Associate Training:

Daily Visit:

Giving your associate clear guidelines to follow for adjusting and communication will help them create time and freedom for you without losing any unnecessary patients. This structure is critical for effective delegation and patient enjoyment.

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